How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on WhatsApp

How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on WhatsApp

Do you want to know how to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp without opening WhatsApp? Well, it could be strange to hear. You must be thinking, How’s it possible? But it’s possible even if you’re an iPhone user or an Android user.

One more question could arise in your mind that it can’t be free to use. So, the sweet and simple answer is No. It’s completely free to use. In this article, we’ll inform you about the application, its usage, its benefits, and features. Let’s go ahead:

How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on WhatsApp Android?

  • Install WATracker from the Play Store for free.
  • Open WATracker and Allow notifications if asked.
  • Add Profile; enter the number and name of the person you want to track.
  • Get notifications when the person will be online.

How to Get a Notification When Someone is Online on WhatsApp iPhone?

OnlineNotify charges a small amount to use this. As you know, people pay heavy costs to achieve creative technologies but you can get this app for just $1.99. After paying the fee, you can avail of it from the App Store. After that, write the number and name, It lets you know all that you want to be aware of your Whatsapp contact, for example at the point when they come on the web, go disconnected, talk with others, etc. It also has the opportunity to track data of ten persons at a time.

Online Notify WhatsApp

It happens many times when you want to check someone’s last seen or want to keep an eye on his/her activities without using the WhatsApp application. You can check someone’s online status, last seen, and also typing status but WhatsApp hasn’t launched this feature yet. You can use some alternatives to take advantage of this feature.

Best WhatsApp Online Notification App

There are so many options available to get apps that can notify you when someone is online but we can’t trust any app. Many scammers can harm your security by using these apps. These apps can cause viruses or errors in your phone. So, we decided to share our secret with you all. We’ll tell you some apps that work a hundred percent we’ll also guide you on which app is best for IOS and which one satisfies iPhone instructions. Here are the notification tracker apps:

WATracker – WhatsApp Tracker

WATracker stands for WhatsApp tracker. WATracker is an app that tracks your WhatsApp data and gives you notifications. This app offers two types of notifications, outside and inside notifications. Outside notification means this app will notify you while the application is not open.

On the other hand, inside notification means when you open WATracker, it will keep you updated about the person’s activities on WhatsApp. Let’s discuss the download procedure where you from install. WATracker is available on the Play Store. IPhone users can get this application from the App Store.

OnlineNotify – Online Tracker App

OnlineNotify function is also one of the best functions that are helpful to use. This app is not for the IOS Version. So, android users can use WATracker. This app is specifically designed for the updated iPhone version. Let’s learn the procedure:

WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker

This is a good option like other apps and the best alternative. You can use this app anytime you want and can easily access it from the Play Store. One thing you need to know, to deal with this app it’s not rocket science. Just follow and instructions and enjoy the application. Install WaStat Application.

This keeps you updated 24/7. You can enable its sound to get notifications. You can choose any contact. Get all the expected data for that individual including call logs, messages, emails, history, and considerably more.


mSpy is the best portable covert operative application for both Android and iPhone. This application is utilized to follow WhatsApp information as well as give a ready when somebody comes online on WhatsApp. On your iPhone it doesn’t need jailbreaking, this could be introduced effectively without that. The most outstanding aspect is live help is always accessible constantly assuming you face any issue with the establishment and utilizing it.

WhatsDoge – Android Software SRL

WhatsDoge, presented by Second Lemon, is the most valuable application for checking who is online on WhatsApp. Go to Google. Search WhatsDoge in the search bar. Choose the first website and download the file. This is available on Play Store also. Open the app and add the number to get notified whenever the person comes online. It gives proper detail like how many hours that person was staying online. Check the below details:

  • Install from Play Store.
  • Add a number and name, and enable online and offline notifications.
  • Set the timezone and save the settings. You can also set a password for your security.
  • The service will be active, and you will receive notifications of everything, like your online status, offline display, and duration of being online.

GB WhatsApp Online Notification

Various elements are accessible in GBWhatsApp to further develop your informing experience. With the assistance of GBWhatsApp “Contact online toast” includes, you can attentively check whether your contacts are online on WhatsApp without causing you to notice yourself.

GBWhatsApp contrasts with other informative applications due to its usefulness. GBWhatsApp is easy to introduce on iOS and Android gadgets, and it is additionally viable with PC and WhatsApp web. To further develop your informing experience, investigate GB WhatsApp’s amazing highlights across numerous stages. Follow the simple instructions on how to get a notification when someone is online on WhatsApp:

GB WhatsApp Online Notification
Infographics: GB WhatsApp Online Notification


Knowing how to get a notification when someone is online on WhatsApp becomes an essential part of this busy world. You can track your crush’s or loved ones’ activities. If you belong to any profession, like working in an investigation department, this feature will help you throughout your mission to track criminals and cheaters. This updated feature can make your investigation easier. Except for this, you can use this for any person, whether that person belongs to any country or not. Hopefully, you enjoyed the process, and it helped.

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If you are an Android user, you can utilize an outsider application, for example, “WhatsOnline” to get informed when a specific contact is on the web. Also, for iOS users, you can utilize the “WhatsApp Online Tracker” application to get this kind of warning.

If a green spot is available toward the base right of the picture, that individual is online simultaneously.

There is no specific way to know about it but the WATracker application can notify you if someone talks with else on WhatsApp because it’s a tracking app.

Contact online toast is a feature in GBWhatsApp. You can enable this option to always be online.

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