How to Install WhatsApp – Step by Step Guide 2024

How to Install WhatsApp

In this article, we’ll teach you how to install WhatsApp also how you can avail of this application without any effort. There are thousands of apps in the world that are used by billions of people daily and WhatsApp is one of them. WhatsApp represents itself as an app according to its name. All apps are usually available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Let’s learn it.

How to Install WhatsApp on My Phone?

Step 01: Open the Play Store App

Play Store application is used to download apps on your phone. This Application is not for iPhone users. IPhone users use a different application named App Store. This application requires your Gmail account to start. When you activate your Gmail account you become able to start it. Open the Play Store app.

Step 02: Search the WhatsApp

The Play Store is designed it ensure the availability of all apps. Play Store makes our life so simple. It has a feature to approach any app quickly. It is possible while you click on the search bar. It has a “Q” shape. After clicking on it, type the name of the wanted app. Within seconds it will appear in front of you. It also offers a few relevant apps. Well, we’re here to download the WhatsApp application. So, type WhatsApp in the search bar and click on it.

Step 03: Install the WhatsApp

When you click on WhatsApp, it gives an option to install. Click on “Install” and it will start downloading. Every application takes time to install. You’ll see a circle continuously moving. When its installation reaches 100% it means that your installation has been completed. There’ll be two options available “Uninstall” and “Open”. Tap on “Open” for further settings.

Step 04: Welcome to WhatsApp

After opening the WhatsApp application, it will ask you to select the language to get started. We’d prefer English (the device’s language) but it’s optional. You can select any of the others. Select language and click on “Agree and continue”. Choose a country to continue further. It advised you to select the exact country where you live. Otherwise, you can face difficulties in communicating. You can also search your country code in the search bar.

Step 05: Enter Your Phone Number

This is the most important step of your WhatsApp journey. Type your current phone number. Your number must be active. The exact method of typing a number is to skip its first digit and start typing from the second digit.

Step 06: Verify Your Number

When you’ve entered the phone number, select “Next”. Here you have an option to edit your number again if it’s wrong and press “OK” if you agree with your previous number. Now, it’s high time for verification. The application will detect your given phone number and will send you a 6-digit code. You can receive the code via SMS or Call. Enter your received code and apply it. Your verification will be completed.

Step 07: Backup Time

Allow your WhatsApp application to access photos, media content, and other files on your device. This permission will help you to exchange your notes and also will assist you in sharing your memories. If you had used the same number before then, you can recover your previous data and chats. Tap on “Restore”. If it’s the first time then skip this option.

Step 08: Profile Info

The profile image is a simple way to make your profile unique and different. Press on the sign of + to add an image from the gallery or photos. Set the picture and click on “Done”. Type your name add an emoji and press “Next”. If this application asks you about Google Drive Backup then tap on “Never” and click “Done”.

This is how to install WhatsApp on Android successfully and you’ve managed your profile also. WhatsApp application gives you all the opportunities to talk anytime you feel free. You can share your pictures, videos, files, and links.

How to Install WhatsApp on Tablet?

To use WhatsApp on your Android tablet, you need to first link it with your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android tablet.
  • 2. On your phone, open WhatsApp and go to Settings or More Options, then tap on the Linked Devices option.
  • 3. Point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on your Android tablet screen to capture the code.

If you are registering for a new account, follow these additional steps:

  • 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android tablet.
  • 2. Tap on More Options located in the top-right corner.
  • 3. Select “Register” a new account.
  • 4. Enter your country and phone number.
  • 5. Tap Next to proceed.

How to Install WhatsApp without Play Store?

Downloading WhatsApp without a Play Store is possible. Simply visit Chrome and go to Malavida on your phone. Tap on the search icon and enter WhatsApp. Find the latest version of WhatsApp. Avoid beta versions.

Touch on the arrow icon to see more available download options. Click again on download. Press APK Download and select the folder. Move to a folder and press Install. This procedure applies to How to install WhatsApp on phone in a few easy steps. Download now and enjoy your chats.

How to Install WhatsApp Android?

How to install WhatsApp on iPhone and Android has become a common question. We will assist you to fix your problem in some easy steps. Follow the below guide:

  • Go to the Play Store or App Store.
  • Type WhatsApp by clicking on the search icon.
  • Tab on it and press “Install”.
  • Wait to complete the percentage till 100.
  • Your WhatsApp downloading will be completed.

No matter, what user you are. Keep in mind that there is no difference between Android and iOS except App Store and Play Store. Check the above part of this article, we’ve mentioned all the relevant details there.

Why You Need To Enter Your Number?

Phone numbers are always required as a source of communication. You can’t talk with your loved ones without a number. When two person exchange their numbers then they can talk. It means that entering your number is essential.


WhatsApp is a messaging application that is available for different devices, including smartphones and computers. Always download WhatsApp from authentic applications and websites. It will ensure you get a safe and updated version of the app. After installing, follow the above-mentioned instructions to set up your WhatsApp account and profile. Lastly, use the application to send messages, make calls, and for more activities.

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