How to Restart WhatsApp – Step by Step Guide 2024

How to Restart WhatsApp

Restart means to start something again. This article is going to explore how to restart WhatsApp & why we need to restart it. People often ignore restarting the WhatsApp application and few of them do not know how to do it. Restart WhatsApp application is a quick method to reset all the preferences that cause errors and helps make the application perform well. So, let’s delve into this creative space:

Advanced Strategies of How to Restart WhatsApp

Step 01: Open Setting

When an electrical machine does not work properly then we need to fix its problem from its engine. For as when we face any issue with our phone we go to settings to fix that problem. The setting is the problem solver app of your phone. You can make any changes to your phone by using the “Setting” application.

Why We Need to Restart WhatsApp?

As we have no option available on our WhatsApp application to restart it. But sometimes we see that our WhatsApp application’s performance not going well or we can’t see others last seen. Another problem we have is not getting notifications on time. The solution to fix all the problems is to restart your WhatsApp application. To restart go to your “Settings” app.

Step 02: More Settings

After opening your settings, Scroll down to find the “More Settings” option. More Settings deal with phones, RAM and storage, app management, and much more. This option gives you a further way to make your journey. You have a lot of options for additional settings. You can check all the given options for more features. It is your choice to enable or disable any feature you want. This option contains every app management and permission system. Tap on “More Settings” and follow the next step.

Step 03: App Manager

App Manager means to manage the app’s settings. This is a crucial step in how to restart WhatsApp. When you click on App Manager, a list of apps is visible in front of you. This app list includes all newly installed apps. Scroll down and see your main application. Scroll until all apps starting with “W” are visible. Find your GB WhatsApp or Business WhatsApp Application.

Step 04: Click on the WhatsApp

The second last step is to click on the WhatsApp app. This method is for all applications if you want to reset any of these. You can see all the relevant data of the WhatsApp application like its used storage, notifications, permissions, etc. As we require to restart this application we are concerned with its storage.

Step 05: Storage

As we have mentioned in the above line we need to click on the storage option. The question that can be raised in your mind is how it’s possible because you can’t see any restart option. But as we are here to assist you, we are going to tell you that most of the errors or problems you may face are due to its storage. So, Tap on “Storage”.

Step 06: Clear Cache

The last step is to click on Clear Cache. This step can clear your all unnecessary data. Your WhatsApp errors are fixed now. This step will help you to make WhatsApp perform well and clarify all other problems. This is how to restart WhatsApp on Android. Now, reset or reboot your phone first then, open your WhatsApp and enjoy your way.

How to Restart WhatsApp on iPhone?

To access this panel, on iPhone X or newer models, go back to your Home screen and swipe up from the bottom edge of the display. Hover briefly in between. If you are using an older iPhone model, press the Home button twice.

Thirdly, scroll through the open apps by swiping left or right until you find the WhatsApp preview. Lastly, swipe your finger upwards on the WhatsApp preview to force close it. This process will effectively restart WhatsApp on your iPhone.

What to Do if the Restarting Method Doesn’t Work?

Have you tried the previously mentioned method? If your WhatsApp app still not performing according to its last speed, then you need to restart your phone. In Android language, “Reboot” your phone or “Reset” it. Let’s acquire knowledge:

For Android:

To restart or reboot your phone. Place your finger on the power side button which is used to switch your phone “On” & “Off”. Click on the power button and hold it for a few seconds until the Power and Reboot options pop up on your screen. Press “Reboot”, and your phone will be restarted.

For iPhone:

For iPhone X or newer models, you need to press its volume buttons also its power button. It will prompt the screen to power off. Swipe the slider to power off your device. On older iPhone models, press and hold the side standby button until the Power Off screen appears. Swipe the slider icon to power off your phone.

What to Do if the Restarting Method Doesn’t Work?

How to Restart WhatsApp on PC?

If you want to refresh WhatsApp web only without logging out and back, just click the circular arrow (reload button) on the WhatsApp web interface in your web browser. This will refresh your connection and may help if you are having any issues with WhatsApp on your PC. Please note that WhatsApp Web depends on your mobile phone to work. Make sure your phone has an active internet connection for accurate results.

Second Method to Restart WhatsApp on PC

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.
  • Select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • This will open the camera on your phone.
  • On your PC, visit the WhatsApp website.
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code displayed on your PC screen.
  • You will be logged into WhatsApp Web.
  • To “restart” WhatsApp on your PC, click the three dots in the upper left corner of the WhatsApp web interface and select “Logout”.
  • After logging out, you can log in again by scanning the QR code as described in steps 4-6.


Restarting WhatsApp is not rocket science. The given procedure will assist in resolving your current issue. We tried our best to teach you in simple steps that must be easy to understand for all viewers. Hopefully, this experience will inspire you to learn more with fun. We believe in your talent that you will be able to fix your problem by yourself after reading this article.

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