How to See Last Seen on WhatsApp if Hidden – Problem Solved

How to See Last Seen on WhatsApp if Hidden

If you’re using WhatsApp and facing the difficulty of hiding last seen then, this article will guide you through every possible fact about how to see last seen on WhatsApp if Hidden. WhatsApp is a global application. Billions of people become users of this application to communicate with their contacts through typing and voice notes. This application has gained popularity so far.

WhatsApp Last Seen Not Showing

A lot of people are getting rid of this problem. When you go to your application and open someone’s chat, you see there’s no last seen. You can’t tell when this person came online or when he was active last time on WhatsApp today.

There are three possible reasons behind it. Firstly, the person may have changed his setting to no one to hide his last sighting. That’s why the last scene is not visible. Secondly, another person may have blocked you. In this condition, you can’t see his or her other activity status updates or profile pictures. 

If you can see at least one thing from these, then the setting is changed. Lastly, maybe your phone or PC is not working properly, so restart it and see again. Maybe this time you approach their last seen. If you want to freeze last seen then you can read our guide on how to freeze WhatsApp last seen.

Different Methods to Know How to See Last Seen on WhatsApp if Hidden

Every problem has a solution, as we know some tracking apps for your phone and extensions for your PC or laptop to track. There are some WhatsApp last-seen hacks you must try. Let’s catch more details. 

WhatStat – WhatsApp Tracker

WhatStat is a WhatsApp tracker app and easily accessible to both Android and iPhone users. You can check the ratings and reviews before using it. Add a number and name to track the WhatsApp data. Follow the given instructions:

  • Download this application from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Add a number to track.
  • You can add two numbers at a time to compare their activities.
  • Online and offline notifications you’ll receive so far.
  • Analyze the usage details and data.
  • Enable the desirable setting.

WaStat –Tracker

This application is also for tracking WhatsApp records. It can keep you updated about status, online and offline timing durations, typing, and voice recording notifications. This application has a free trial of 24 hours, and you can enable its premium package to continue further.

  • Install WaStat– WhatsApp Tracker from Play Store.
  • You can add 10 profiles at once.
  • Track the time spent on WhatsApp.

Whats Web Plus

This third application also provides you with instant information free of cost. This app will send you a notification when someone comes online and goes offline. You don’t need to open that WhatsApp application. You can check two person’s last seen at a time. Whats Web extension is also available for your computer and Laptop. For Andriod Users: 

Family Tracker – Online Status

Family Tracker-Online Status is a reliable app that allows you to track the online and recently seen status of any WhatsApp user without any annoying ads. However, it only offers a free trial period of 8 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to use this app only when you need to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity for a short time. 

Online Monitor for WhatsApp

If you’re looking for a way to track someone’s online status on WhatsApp and receive notifications when they come online or go offline, Online Monitor is an app worth checking out. With the ability to monitor up to five profiles and analyze online statistics from the past 30 days, this app can be a valuable tool. Keep in mind that the free trial only lasts for 12 hours, and the app is ad-free. Here are the steps to using it:

  • Go and install the application from the Google Play Store.
  • Monitor the last seen.
  • Check details in the history option.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

This browser extension has features beyond identifying concealed online statuses, although many individuals use it for that function. The feedback is varied; some users are unable to monitor others, while others assert that it operates smoothly.

Last Seen WhatsApp Settings

WhatsApp Setting > Privacy > Last seen and online > Nobody

Apply the given setting to hide your last seen from all contacts. If you want to make your last seen visible to all, then:

WhatsApp Setting > Privacy > Last seen and online > Everyone 

This is how you can make changes in your last seen.

Hidden WhatsApp Chat

You can’t hide chat in business WhatsApp. This feature is available in GB WhatsApp. You can archive chat in simple WhatsApp. Archive chat will disappear from the main screen. Activate this setting:

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • Long-press on the chat until a tick appears.
  • Chat will be selected.
  • Select the second option on the right side to archive the chat. (Archive icon: a box having an arrow in the middle)
  • Chat will hide successfully.

Last Seen WhatsApp Online Check

There are several options available on the internet to check someone’s online status. If you’ve tried many apps to track but to no avail, there is no need to worry. You must try some apps like WhatsDog, WhatStat, WaStat, Online Monitor, and Family Tracker. These apps are problem solvers in your journey. 


Whenever a problem arises, a solution is also found. In this guide, we explained how to see last seen on WhatsApp if hidden, even if they are blocked. This can help you monitor your child or friend’s online and offline activity on the app. Additionally; we have addressed some frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Tracker applications. Be sure to check out other helpful tips linked below and stay tuned for more tech-related tips and tricks.

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Choose a chat in your chats to see “Last Seen” at the top, which displays the date and time the user was last active.

You can’t see it in your WhatsApp application, but you can use WhatsApp trackers to see it.

If you disable your last seen then you can make a fake last seen on WhatsApp.

If a person has a green dot in the bottom right of their image, means they are online at the same time.

To determine the reliability of a WhatsApp last-seen tracker app, try using it on your number. If it sends you alerts when you’re online and accurately displays the time you were online, then you can trust it.

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