How to Unmute Someone on WhatsApp (Quick Steps)

How to Unmute Someone on WhatsApp

In this article, we’ll explore the basic feature of how to unmute someone on WhatsApp and what happens when we enable this feature. Online applications have made their way around the world. People are getting attracted to different apps day by day. But to run any app one has to learn it first and understand its features. You can learn by searching about apps from Google, Chrome, and also from YouTube videos. We’ll talk about the WhatsApp application. Let’s begin:

Necessity Guide of How to Unmute Someone on WhatsApp

Step 01: Unlock Application

WhatsApp is the most used application. It has great reviews and with 4.5+ rating available on the internet. It has no restrictions on its access range. Anybody can download this from app stores, Google, and also from other sites. You only need an active internet connection and a Gmail account. If you haven’t installed it yet then, go and Grab your application.

Unlock your phone first. Go to apps and find the WhatsApp application. If WhatsApp is not available then approach the search bar and type “WhatsApp”. WhatsApp will appear in front of you. If you’ve GB WhatsApp, unlock the application to open it. If your application is simple, click on an app and go to your WhatsApp front page. You can see three or four different sections of Chats, Groups, Status, and Calls.

Step 01 Unlock Application

Step 02: Go to Your Chats Section

In GB WhatsApp, Chats and Groups are located having different columns but the method to unmute a group or a single chat remains the same. The whole setting to unmute someone is easy and just a two-click job. Two-click means you’re just two steps away from activating your desired setting. If you want to unmute group chat or individual chat, choose that particular person or group first.

Keep in your mind you can’t unmute a chat until it’s mute already. The “No volume” sign ensures that the chat is mute. Simple long press on the contact. The chat will round itself and a green tick will be visible on the side of its profile picture. Now, you will see five different icons on the top of the WhatsApp.

Step 02 Go to Your Chats Section

Step 03: Unmute the Notifications

Moving towards the final step, see five icons having different features are available. You need to select the third one looks like a “Volume icon”. This icon is located in the middle of the icons. Simply press on it, and chat, or the selected group will unmute. You can pin this chat for instant availability on the top of the other contacts.

You’re completely done! Congratulations on enabling this setting. That was the simple procedure that you have active within two clicks. Now, you’ll receive all the notifications from that particular person on time. The notification sound you’ll hear while receiving the message. Messages will pop up on the top of the screen or in the notification bar. After unmuting, continue chatting and make your time memorable.

Step 03 Unmute the Notifications

Unmute a person is like to open a communication door. It’s a sign to reconnect with someone willingly. It allows us to welcome their voice into our digital world and share our thoughts and experiences with them once again. After covering the actual topic, we are going to investigate a few questions to clear your all doubts. So, here we go:

What Happens When You Mute Someone on WhatsApp?

When you mute a person or group, it simply means that you won’t receive any notifications when they send a message. Yes, the message will be delivered to you, but there won’t be any notification, popup, ringing (sound) or vibration. All other things will remain intact.

When You Mute Someone on WhatsApp Can They See Your Status?

To mute someone doesn’t mean that they can’t see your status. It is just like a break from someone’s notifications, except this they can see your status, last seen, and profile picture. Despite being muted, they can see your every update and activity.

Can I Know if Someone Muted Me on WhatsApp?

No, it’s not possible. You can’t know that your chat is muted. WhatsApp has not launched this feature yet. You can’t receive any notification about this. Only the doer knows who muted your chat for specific hours and days.

Why Do You Unmute Someone?

When you are tired of someone’s too many messages and calls, you mute that person to give you space and when you are mentally ready to talk to that person, you can unmute them.

Benefits to Unmute Someone on WhatsApp

There are few benefits to unmute a person. To know the importance of unmuting a group or person, read the instructions carefully that are given below:

Benefits to Unmute Someone on WhatsApp
Infographic: Benefits to Unmute Someone on WhatsApp

Receive timely notifications

When you unmute someone, you’ll receive notifications for their messages and calls immediately. It can be important to be aware of important messages or updates from this contact or group. This quick procedure will save your time.

Strong Bonding

To unmute someone shows that you’re interested in their messages and conversations. It means that you do care for them. This can help you to maintain active communication and strengthen your relationships with friends, family, or colleagues.

Missing Urgent Messages:

If you mute someone, maybe in the meantime they send you an important message and you miss that message, if you unmute them in time, you can get that important notification to reduce any risk. After unmute that person you can ask for recent messages for your safety.


How to unmute someone on WhatsApp is a quick process that is truly helpful in your busy schedule. Deciding to mute or unmute a contact’s status updates on WhatsApp is a personal choice. You probably don’t want to see a contact update anymore, but don’t want to delete their contact information from your phone. In this case, making a change is the best option. If you decide to remove Silent later, just follow the steps described above. Gratitude for reading on Allwapk.

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